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IMPORTANT Regulator Approval Information:
Director Approved in Ontario for 0.6 CEU's - 12748
Regulator Approved in Nova Scotia for 0.7 CEU's - 011001 (WT-WD-WWT-WWC)
Regulator Approved in British Columbia for 0.6 CEU's - 8384

This course is presently under assessment for regulatory / director approved CEU's for Water/Wastewater Operators in: Alberta & Saskatchewan. CEU's have not been accredited at this time in these jurisdictions.

In this 6.5hr course, we cover the physical and reporting response to Spills in Canada. The attendee will be introduced to various spill equipment, tools and supplies. We'll review the need to have a spills plan and become familiar with common responses in a spill situation. We'll review the federal and provincial/territorial spill reporting requirements and look at each provinces spills legislation. The objective of this course is to increase your awareness of spill situations, arm you with knowledge on how to respond and report and demystify the legal requirements for Spills in Canada.

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$399 CDN + 13% Tax

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In this 7hr / 0.7 CEU course, we’ll introduce the attendee to the regulatory framework that governs Drinking Water and to a lesser extent, Wastewater in Ontario. Using interactive lectures, in-lecture skills practice and intelligent quizzing, the student will gain an in depth understanding of their responsibilities for certification and logbooks and gain confidence in reporting AWQI’s and Spills in Ontario.

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Director Approved in Ontario - 0.7 CEU's - Course Code 8953

$299 CDN + 13% Tax - Course with PDF Manual included.