Join OETC for this free 1hr introduction to & Demonstration of e-Training. You'll be introduced to Ontario's Drinking Water Legislation and Operations Math in this informative and free course.

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This is OETC's e-Training demonstration course. If you are a certified Drinking Water operator in Ontario Canada, your 0.1 Regulator Approved CEU will be uploaded to the MOE upon successful completion. Once you enroll in this course you will have 30 days to complete it. If you fail to complete, you will need to re-enroll and start over.

Covered in this course we'll cover:

  • Regulatory Overview
  • Overview of the Multi Barrier Philosophy
  • Review of section 10 of the Safe Drinking Water Act - Ontario
  • Training provisions within regulation 128/04 - Ontario
  • Review a Logbook template
  • Introduction to the Line Graph
  • Brief taste of Operator Algebra
  • Using a flow equation to algebraically form a Dose equation.

This course is completely on-line and at the pace of the attendee. Using in-presentation exercises and intelligent quizzing, the student can gain complete mastery of the topic and view unit presentations multiple times, extra reading is provided if the student wants to extend their learning. Unit quizzes must be passed in order to move to the next topic and can be attempted as many times as necessary, they will be different every time and provide feedback to incorrect responses. The Certificate of Completion is instantly and automatically provided upon completion. 

Audience: Anyone wanting to learn more about OETC's e-Training System, certified drinking water & wastewater operators.

NOTE: The trainer / course developer is not a Lawyer and as such there is no legal advice provided during this course. To purchase multiple enrollments in any course contact OETC. This course is Director Approved in Ontario for 0.1 CEU.

Director Approved in Ontario - 0.1 CEU's - Course Code 9373
Under Review in: SK

Not Approved in NS, AB as course length below 0.3CEU threshold

This course is free.
If you are a certified Drinking Water operator in Ontario 0.1 CEU's will be uploaded to the MOE following completion of the course.